Praise be to Allah (God), with an effort that has lasted for more than ten years and through communications with political bodies, the Norrbotten Islamic Center was able to obtain permission to set up a mosque in Luleå city in Hertsön, a nearby area of the city center, thus the mosque will be one of the most important landmarks of the city. The area of land allocated for the construction of the mosque is approximately 9,000 square meters.


The project team for the Masjid is seeking multiple directions in an attempt to start the construction process as soon as possible, including but not limited to reaching out to a number of construction companies in the region to make preliminary drawings of the project and estimate the initial cost. Besides, the project team is in contact with the Lule municipality for renewing the necessary permits needed for initiating the construction process. On the other hand, the team organizes fundraising campaigns from inside and outside Sweden, and those wishing to donate to build the mosque should contact the project manager or the project financial manager for more details.

Due to non-availability of a proper premises of masjid, we only conduct Friday sermon in government owned property by paying rent.


We are currently gathering donations for the first phase of constructing the mosque. The first phase includes the basic construction of the masjid, which includes areas for prayers (separate for men and women), ablution, and a conference area. The initial target set to get ownership of the land is 300,000 USD (equal to 3 million Swedish Kroner). The current donations received can be tracked using the donation progress bar below. It is our humble request that you take part in donations and help us achieve our target of getting the first established mosque built in the Luleå, Northern Sweden.


Please help us to reach our target and help your muslim brothers pray 5 times a day in an established masjid

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To build the First Masjid and Islamic Center

في بناء أول مسجد ومركز إسلامي

ساهم معنا

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Att bygga den första moskén och islamiska centret